“Ready in Twenty”

I had a friend many years ago who always got us late for the party. When the plan had been set and everything confirmed, her response was predictably, “I’ll be ready in 20 minutes.” These twenty minutes were never really 20. They were more like 20 hrs!!! After which she would stroll out casually fourty minutes later chirping, “Okay! Let’s go!” This girl always came out looking worse than she did when we arrived to pick her up. FOURTY MINUTES???? she didn’t even wear makeup!!!!


It has taken me years to learn that 20 minutes is code word for “Just keep waiting until I’m done. I’m already on it.” Women do not tell you an exact time to pick them up. (At least I know I don’t) This is not because we do not want to; It is because we honestly don’t know how long it will take. You see, looking dapper is a science that takes a lot of thoughtfulness. Just like every other experiment, things almost always go wrong… something drips on your blouse… your feet are swollen and the heels of choice can’t fit… the mascara smudges on your eyelid or your eyeshadow deposits on your cheeks after a flawless foundation application… which really came first? The chicken or the egg??? Anyway, like I said, things almost ALWAYS go wrong.

In case you thought twenty minutes was a long time to prepare, try 3 hours. Since I had the baby, a makeup application is not completed in a timely fashion. It is primer… give a bottle, eyeshadow…change a diaper, lipstick…pray that I finish because somwbody is about to be mad as hell!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Lilian Okore Fashion show in Philadelphia. I had never been to one before so I had to look my best. I couldn’t find a dress that I thought was appropriate and Google wasn’t of much help so I picked whatever I could off the rack and decided I would wear it. A friend told me that I had to wear some red or gold on the red carpet, so red was going to be it.

There are some rules I have come across in the make up artists’ world which are broken. One is the dark eye, bright lip. I guess all that matters is how one looks in it. I still didn’t have any clue on how I was going to wear my face on the morning of the event, my navy eyeshadow had since fallen down the drain. (I cried by the way, had to pay my respects to the fallen soldier)

The Tom Ford emerald eyeshadow quad was the choice of the day which I used with a white eyeliner to make my eyes look brighter because I lack sleep ALL THE DAMN TIME AND IT SHOWS! I used the MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance in Radiant Yellow as a base, MAC Studio Fix fluid spf 15 in NW55 foundation, MAC powder blush in Hot Nights and Black Radiance artisan color baked bronzer in Gingersnap to highlight. The lipstick is Nouba Millebaci 46, my current favorite lined with MAC liner in Currant.

Like I said…. things ALWAYS come up. Like, “Yikes! I forgot to wear my lashes.” Did I mention my ride was already waiting for me? C’mon guys, there is always time for a selfie.


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