I’m Star Struck! I’m Human!

I have never been a fan of writing, at least not until now. This is mainly because I do not like meeting deadlines and also because my brain is wired in such a way that it constantly fights the impulse to stray. At that moment when I should be writing, I miraculously find thirty other (better) things to do.

Procrastination should be my second name. Having two kids is an equivalent of having 2 full time jobs. Motherhood is a struggle. Besides the expectations that society places on us to keep a clean house, clean kids and a well fed family, we are expected to bring home income, and keep up with other domestic duties… if you know what I am saying.

You may wonder, “Where the heck does she get time to wear makeup?” Guess what??? I wonder the same thing! You see, I have learnt in the past few months that if you set your mind on doing something, it works out. Somehow I evolve into a superwoman when the baby sleeps, the brushes are my tools of destruction. Sometimes I destroy my face but that will be a story for another day.

Last week, I had put a lot of thought into this week’s blog post. I read a lot and polished my knowledge on the subject. I even began to write, that is, until I woke up to find a follow request from Tim Quinn in my Instagram notifications. For those who don’t know who Tim Quinn is, make google your friend, my friends! But for the purpose of this post, let me say that this man is the MAESTRO, a guru, a world renowned celebrity makeup artist!!! THIS is Armani Beauty in it’s finest element. *SCREAMS* I have never been star struck but I have to admit that I fainted a couple of times.

As you may have guessed, all bets were off. No writing was being done. I spent the day telling anyone who would listen about what had happened. You see, this makeup demigod didn’t just stumble upon me. I, in my not so polished element happened to casually @ him on @vivianonano instagram post about how I should be his guinea pig because I have great bone structure. Humility had flown out the window. I wasn’t trying to be humble because celebrities always overlook people like me and totally ignore comments like those because they are busy and we understand. Vivian was lucky enough to have her makeup done by THE Tim Quinn while receiving an award at the White House. So when he replied and said I was right, my heart went on vacay for a few seconds. I spent all day daydreaming and wondering what it would be like to feel the magical strokes of his brush against my skin, the canvas for what he does best. Then again I ask myself, does Armani have makeup for women of my complexion??? I have to wonder since I am at the point in my life when no designer clothes fit anymore due to my fourth trimester body; I have been reduced to wearing their eyeshadow and lipsticks. LOL

As I lie here, I wonder where this path leads. I wonder whether this is a childhood dream and whether I am wasting my time. (Get my boyfriend’s voice out of my head) My friends, Aerosmith and I are in agreement… that I should dream on. Hey! You never know!

12 thoughts on “I’m Star Struck! I’m Human!

      1. I will let you know when my next Personal Apperance in NY will be, I will make sure you get VIP treatment, I admire your spirit, and look forward to meeting you!xx tim


      2. OMG! TIM, I AM IN AWE!!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by. Looking forward to meeting you too.


  1. Dear Felclarity,
    Your post and enthusiasm is delightful. As a former Armani model, writer and celebrity makeup artist I agree wholeheartedly. Tim Quinn is a Maestro of makeup, celebrity in his own right and a class act. Thank you for the post.
    Armani Beauty, to die for…

    X Jackie


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