I’m Not Afraid of Color

Doesn’t it seem like the only time you are asked to weigh your carry on bags is the only time you have stuffed them? On my last trip to Kenya a few years ago, I was asked to weigh a carry on bag that was 26lbs overweight. (Hides) Okay, it really wasn’t a carry on bag, I kind of thought I could get away with a small suitcase. Ha! Ha! So anyway, after the agent told me that my bag was too big and heavy, I began to hyperventilate. I told her I had very valuable items in the bags of sentimental value and she told me to walk around the counter and re-pack into my other (overweight) bags, probably out of fear that I would go into cardiac arrest. As I took out the last item, I heard a man’s voice say hello. I looked up and there stood the airline manager. My first thought??? “SHOOT! Now I’m really in trouble!”

Airport guy: Where are you from originally?
Me: Kenya
Airport guy: Is that where you are headed to? Are you a nurse?
Me: (Baffled) Yes. Do I know you from somewhere?
Airport guy: No. I just noticed you. You are plain.
Me: (WTH look on my face) Excuse me?
Airport guy: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. You are very beautiful, just plain. Nurses don’t put any effort to look good….

As he kept talking, my ears were getting hot, and it wasn’t because he had just called me plain. The problem here was that (as it always is) traveling to Kenya is no joke. Those 18+ hours give your body a good beating. Did you know such long flights dehydrate? Well, now you do. Drink up! Don’t get to your destination looking a hot mess!!!

As I wear my foundation while on transit, I catch glimpses of women with smudged mascara. Those who bowed down to societal pressures of looking fabulous instead of snoring away in preparation for the final leg of the journey. This is the only way to arrive looking beat…. faced. The secret of arriving as per everybody’s standard is to stay hydrated during the flight and wear your makeup when in transit, but please touch up in the bathroom before the plane lands. Oh! When I said drink up, I meant water.

In case you are wondering what the point of the whole story is, it is not to validate that nurses aren’t plain. It is to let you know that I am not afraid of color.


Be blessed, smile everyday.

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