It’s Hot Outside: Is your makeup still on your face?

It was my intention to post last Thursday. I was going to, I really was! But you know, life comes at you fast. Do you ever have those days when you have so much to do that you dread waking up in the morning??? I did. Last Thursday was one of these.  To be honest, I didn’t worry about what would happen when I woke up, I simply didn’t want to go to sleep on Wednesday night because that was the easiest invitation for tomorrow to come.

I had the urge to bore you with my endless errands just to keep you here longer (Insert evil laugh here) but I’ll just cut through, straight down to the highlights.  ANY aspiring self taught mua knows the importance of criticism, whether constructive or not. Fact is, there is so much to learn so we need to keep our eyes open.  It has been really hot in New Jersey lately, so hot that it has been impossible to keep makeup on for more than an hour before wiping it off. In my books, that is a waste of product, especially if I’m not going anywhere. I know! I know! I need to change that mindset because practice makes perfect. I’ve learnt this the hard way.  After standing up to color, I realized that my brow game was actually pretty decent only nobody told me that this was a use it or lose it game. Since it was super hot and I stayed indoors, I never bothered to wear my eyebrows.

I got a  Morphe 35G (glam) eyeshadow palette for my birthday about two weeks ago which I looooove. I decided to wear some on my way into New York City.  It has been said by many people on numerous occasions that the most beautiful women reside in Manhattan (surely, I didn’t want to disappoint) so I was going with a blue eye and red lip. I’m not afraid of color, remember?  OH MY GOODNESS!!!! The makeup guardian angels must have been on vacation that day because it just wasn’t working out. When I finally thought I had worn a decent look, I sent a selfie to Es for approval.  Those who know Es,  my elder sister, will tell you that her brutal honesty can smack you in the face so hard that you choke on your tongue.  The following is a conversation that took place 45 minutes after a break in our whatsapp chat…pics are included.



[7/16, 14:03] MsTuju: I was beating face
[7/16, 14:04] Esther Tuju: Your eyebrows 😂
[7/16, 14:04] Esther Tuju: The left is an archbishop
[7/16, 14:05] Esther Tuju: *arch
[7/16, 14:05] Esther Tuju: The rhs has a corner
[7/16, 14:06] Esther Tuju: 😂😂
[7/16, 14:06] Esther Tuju: I made me Cheka(laugh) #sorry
[7/16, 14:09] MsTuju: Smh
[7/16, 14:09] MsTuju: Constructive criticism



[7/16, 14:11] MsTuju: BOOM!!!
[7/16, 14:11] MsTuju: That just happened
[7/16, 14:11] MsTuju: 👆
[7/16, 14:12] MsTuju: 😂😂😂😂
[7/16, 14:12] MsTuju: Brows will be my downfall haki (I swear)


[7/16, 14:13] MsTuju: Umm…
[7/16, 14:13] MsTuju: Brows aren’t twins
[7/16, 14:14] MsTuju: 😂😂😂😂


[7/16, 14:14] Esther Tuju: Berra (better)
[7/16, 14:22] MsTuju: Lol
[7/16, 14:22] MsTuju: That’s not today
[7/16, 14:22] Esther Tuju: I know
[7/16, 14:23] Esther Tuju: Just showing you can do better
[7/16, 14:23] Esther Tuju: 😜
[7/16, 14:28] MsTuju: Yes I can


[7/16, 14:29] Esther Tuju: That’s not today
[7/16, 14:29] MsTuju: Nope

Comments like these can haunt, even in the lightest humor. Surely I had to fix the brows! And was the eyeshadow too bold?? Oh dear! I had to fix it all!  Let us not even get into the winged liner business. I need help! My wings aren’t graceful. They aren’t falcon wings, THEY ARE BAT WINGS!!!  So… I struggled,  wiped, reapplied until I found something I thought would work.


By the time I got to the train station, the sebaceous layer of my skin was on overdrive.  Lol (Note to self: Never bother buying cream eyeshadow, just get awfully hot.)  Do you remember how long it took me to do my makeup? That 45 minutes was now a rumor. I was sweaty and at risk of losing my eyebrows! I went into panic mode and reached for my blot papers…. do you know the Dunkin Donuts napkins???? RIIIIGHT!!!!! (Don’t judge me. If it can blot out excess oil from a steak sandwich, imagine what it would do for your face!  Thank me later!)

I’ll go ahead and fast forward past how I never bothered to touch up my makeup (or how a stranger’s fart on the train almost made my eyeliner run…damn rush hour!). People looked at me that day. A lot!!! Maybe it’s just me (I thought ), or maybe I had blotted out my brows??? *RE-ENTER PANIC MODE* I had to visit Sephora on my way back home… my powder brows were at risk at this point. Sweat knows no Mercy.

I have a favorite beauty advisor at Sephora who was super happy to see me (as usual). She shrieked, “Guuuuuuurrrrl! Your skin looks awesome!” Wait!  What? Lol. Apparently I was glowing.  Maybe it was the MAC prep+prime radiance serum? I guess that really works! She went on to chit chat… we spoke about our kids, she complimented my ombré lip (a two-toned lipstick technique achieved by first lining your lips with a lip pencil, pulling the pencil in slightly more toward the center of your lip and then blending a darker shade over it) that I wore using MAC Ruby Woo lipstick and MAC currant lip pencil.  All this time, she avoided my brows. Didn’t talk about them nor look at them, at least until I gave a cry for help.

A few minutes later, I left with an Anastasia dip brow pomade which I’m yet to try and yes, I will let you know how it turns out. I also ordered gel eyeliner from Morphe brushes.  Somebody has to nurse these wings to life.

Let me take this chance to apologize for low quality pics. I promise that  will get better soon.  For now, please just agree with me that it is pointless to take high quality photos of not so great work. Yes? Yes! Dip brow pomade and gel liner reviews coming soon.  Thanks for passing by.

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      1. Let’s look on the bright side of things…. we can change the shape of our brows to match our mood. Ha ha. Thanks for stopping by.

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