Trust Issues

I just realized that I have been blogging for over a month.  OMG!!! How did time fly so fast? I guess time really does fly when you are having fun. It was my intention to give a little throwback on my one month mark being that I started blogging on a Thursday,  (Womp womp!) however it is never too late.

I was a Tom boy for the longest time growing up in sunny Nairobi. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a late bloomer, I never really had boobs until I was well into my late teens.  Back then, I didn’t have makeup options, but I knew I that I loved it.  A foundation according to my knowledge,  was the load-bearing part of a building and the only powder choice available at my disposal was baby powder.  I considered myself a hottie of sorts with an ego so big it didn’t matter to me that a young woman as dark skinned  as I was walked around looking like some sort of powdered donut.  (My fellow nilotic people know how ashy baby powder can make us look under the sun.)

Eyeliner (eye pencil) as we called it was another  favorite. It was a lip liner, an eye liner and even a beauty spot marker.  Once you dotted your face, VOILA!  As you can see, I had figured out a multipurpose way of wearing my face.  Due to this fact, I learnt to wear ombré lips even before they had a name. (I kid you not!) This is the part where I would paste a photo to prove it, but due to my luck the only person who has one moved to Singapore. Lol. I had zero fashion sense so yay for me.

It was around this time that I had my first run in with makeup artists. I had the opportunity to work some freelance modelling gigs and only then did I understand why a foundation was called so. When you hear somebody saying that some foundation wears heavy, please believe them. I strutted the catwalk feeling as if I had a New York City sky scrapper hanging off my face. Thank goodness that is history.

I am learning first hand, that when you really love something and let it go it always hangs on your mind.  In my case, it was beauty.  Even on my bummiest of days, a blue mascara passing me by or a limited edition lipstick gave me life. Magazines were a constant reminder of what lurked behind the scenes. I had been able to get by with just the basic foundation and eyeliner combo until I joined The Kurlly Diaries (KD), a group for women that focuses on empowerment and sisterhood. This group not only encourages me to be comfortable in my natural hair, but has also nurtured my desire to get better at makeup artistry.  (Let’s save that story for another day, shall we?)

When I joined KD, I thought about blogging for sometime before I actually started.  By this time, I had developed an insatiable appetite for makeup application and dared to dream that I would become a self taught MUA. (You Tube university is a really great resource,  as well as established artists btw) It is through sharing ideas with the lovely ladies that I realized I love to tell stories.  So I thought, why not mash it up with something else that I enjoy equally as much? Through blogging, I am not only able to keep track of my progress, but I can also tell stories of my makeup mishaps.  I crack myself up every time my eyelid color magically finds its way to my brow bone, or when the liquid eyeliner burns my eyes so bad that I wonder why I even try, but through it all, I trust.  I trust that it will turn up okay, and it usually does.  When it doesn’t, it is not the end of the world. It is a learning curve. It is nothing concealer or makeup removing wipes cannot fix.

Speaking of trust, my friend Dee trusts in my work even more than I do. She has been following and complimenting my progress since day 1.  Heck! She even compliments my brows yet we ALL know how that goes. She trusted me enough to bring her friend to me for a makeup application at a recent event. (I drive around with my baby makeup case in the trunk of my car btw) Her nonchalant reply to my response of “I’m really not that good yet”, was… “Aaaaaah! Wewe Mpake tu!” (Aaaaaah! Just apply her makeup). 

I’m not kidding around when I tell you that I say a silent prayer before I do any body’s makeup.  I trust the Man upstairs will see me through because  I really don’t want to murder somebody’s face.  Remember the zombie contour? I trusted that mua and she failed me miserably.  This is one of the reasons I respect the trust I get.  Two days ago, Dee came to visit and we spoke about my journey during which I told her that I needed practice (I don’t have too many girlfriends and the ones who would be willing to partake in makeup and malbec live at least 2hrs away).  People like Dee want you to succeed. She would wake up every morning and get her face beat (just in case I found somewhere to go and left her high and dry with a plain face). She is a sport. She doesn’t dictate what colors I should use, she doesn’t tell me what to do. She trusts that I will work to the best of my ability.  We had two applications, both were inspired by the color of clothing she was wearing and were a testimony that I need decent brushes.  Remember that famous saying that goes, “A bad workman quarrels with his tools”? Yeah! It is just a way to prevent us from complaining.  A good workman needs good tools!!!!!  Check out Dee’s pics below.


Disclaimer: My brows still need a lot of practice. It is my goal to do at least 2 brow applications per day.


Note to self: Use common background next time.

FYI Dee has BEAUTIFUL skin!  I will review the products used to achieve these looks in my next post so be sure to look out for it.

15 thoughts on “Trust Issues

  1. Hi dear, good stuff you have going on here… I am not an authority in make up, and I can not draw a line to save my life, so it was heaven sent when I discovered the eyebrow stencils. It comes in 3 shapes so you just colour it in… best discovery ever!


    1. Lily, my experience with stencils was disappointing yet hilarious. I just can’t figure out where to place those things. Lol


  2. All I see is Growth! It definitely takes confidence to do another person’s makeup. I do believe that soon you’ll nail the eyebrow shaping. Keep up the good work 😉 .


  3. I wish I was there, then you could do 4 applications…heck!, even 40. But you are getting better. You will get there, just keep it up.


  4. So proud of you mama!!! I love it all. Too bad you shared all this months later but keeping going, this is awesome. But now that part about not having girlfriends, kwani???? Come beat my face up anytime. I will be your guinea pig for as long as you need me to be. XO


  5. Happy one month blogging birthday! That powder and eye pencil throwback is hilarious..I guess you were always a mua afterall. Your tools are just better now


  6. Awesom stuff Tujufel! ‘A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and tranform’Diane Mariechild. Keep it up and going buddy. xoxo


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