Someone Is Watching

Did I mention that writing wasn’t one of my favorite things to do when I wanted to blow away time? Yes? Did I mention that is especially true for term papers and boring multiple page stuff with deadlines? Ha! Ha! WELL…. I ENJOY BLOGGING! It’s a lot like talking to yourself only that you aren’t really talking to yourself.  For this reason, I started writing without expecting anyone to read (Even though I checked my stats every 5 minutes during the first week).  Over the weeks, I have seen the numbers grow and followers trickle in.  And as much as I knew that people were beginning to read my blog, the real awakening came three nights ago.

I have always been one to jump into the action. With visitors around, I have been busy hanging out and touring. My blog was at the back of my mind jumping out at any opportunity.  “I HAVE TO WRITE!” I kept telling myself.  As usual, I forgot… until Thursday night when a message came in informing me that I had not put up Thursday’s post and that people are waiting.  I have to admit that I was a little shocked. Someone is actually watching!!! Someone somewhere is waiting for my post to go up!!!  Thank you all for stopping by to read, I apologize for any delays in posting.

As I had promised last time, here are the products used for Dee’s look.

Face: I used MAC prep+prime moisture infusion serum to prep her face after cleansing then applied some MAC Prep+prime Natural Radiance serum.  I used the yellow one as it is recommended for darker skin.  I love this product because it creates a nice glow on the skin that does not look artificial (I also use it  under powder at times).  I then used MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW55 as her foundation.  Many have asked whether I applied foundation on her chest too but I didn’t.  Although I used to match shades on the jawline, I now tend to test around the collar bone area just because it is a larger surface area compared to the face. (Our faces and necks tend to be dark anyway)

EYES: Dee’s only concern when we started were the bags under her eyes. She asked whether I could cover those and I did. I used NARS creamy concealer in cacao right under her eyes and let it bake (Face baking is letting your concealer sit on your face for 10 to 20 minutes before blending it, so that it can melt into your skin causing it to change color and texture) after which I  used a beauty blender sponge to blend it into her foundation. I then dabbed on some MAC blot powder in dark deep and let it sit for a few minutes before brushing it off. I used MAC mineralize skin finish natural on areas of her face where light would naturally hit.  I used a pencil for her brows (my brush for the abh brow pomade was in the mail).  For the eyeshadow I used the Morphe 35G (glam) palette for the blue look, a Black Radiance artisan shadow for the red (shade has since rubbed off) and black KIKO glossy eyeliner for both looks.

LIPS: I lined her lips with MAC lip pencil in Currant for both looks. For the red, my lip color of choice was Nouba Millebaci 46 and the other was MAC Captive.


After I finished the application,  I sprayed MAC Studio fix+ to fix the ashy/powdery look on her face and voila!!!


I had a blast with Dee so be sure that you will be seeing more of here on these streets.  Thanks again for stopping by.

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