Zombie Contour

My perception of beauty has never been that of a magazine cover model (I could never lose that much weight even if I starved myself to death).  I however, looooooooove to stare at their faces.  I mean… I always knew that makeup could create a different effect like in the movies where somebody is bloody and all, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that it could give someone cheekbones.  All who know me know that I LOVE MAKEUP so I have to admit that I was a little hurt and taken aback when one of my friends suggested that I was a makeup hoarder.  Given the fact that I truly did not use each and everyone of my products, I went into a complete giveaway frenzy in an attempt to solve this problem until I realized that I actually needed this stuff.  I just had to push myself into learning the art and acquiring the skill of its application.

I never wore makeup much, I was convinced that “Wearing my face” would only work against me in the long run because people would get so used to seeing me with my new face that they will forget the old one.  I believed this myth until I caught light of the highlight and contour technique.  Fascinated, I tried to figure out the best contour and highlight technique.  I have to say that I felt very unfortunate to discover that not too many makeup artists are my complexion and so picking, copying and pasting techniques was a challenge.  I threw into the universe that I wanted to learn this skill and the universe threw back at me an opportunity to have a full face makeover at one of my local beauty stores.  This specific store is where I had pissed hundreds of dollars in the previous months trying to find the perfect products.  LO and BEHOLD!!!!  I learnt the hard way that I cannot trust all make up artists.  I asked to be taught to highlight and contour and the artist casually told me that I should focus on highlights because I am dark skinned.  This is what happened……

Zombie Contour

Since “Zombie Reloaded”, the addiction I had to makeup has since evolved from an obsession to a passion.  I am determined to learn this art… I want to beat my face like it owes me money. I’m here to inspire women….  Do not be ashamed to look good and do not (at all costs) be afraid of trying new stuff.  That is the only way you will be able to know what works for you.  On this journey, I am learning the importance of appreciating not only the beauty of makeup but also the beauty of life in general.  My name is Fel, and I have recently taken up an interest in blogging about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.  I am determined to learn makeup artistry because I have an insatiable appreciation for make up.  Please be patient with me, I will soon get the hang of things *winks*